Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Some good news...

It's no secret that McMansions are slowly creeping into the neighborhood. Several one-story ranch-style houses have recently been razed and replaced with grossly out-of-proportion and out-of-place McMansions. Fortunately, not all news is bad news. In fact, several houses are in the process of being restored or appear to be saved.

330 Electra - Could it be that this house has finally been rescued from it's status as a rental. The new owner apparently is the owner of an art gallery and is looking forward to filling the house with 1950s furniture. While this is no guarantee that the house will be fixed up, it certainly sounds like they are the right kind of person to rescue the only example of this Floyd design in Houston.

12923 Memorial - This house was recently purchased by an architect who plans on renovating and restoring the home. The owner has the original plans which should aid in the process. Apparently, much of the house is in original condition and includes an exotic mural that was painted by the original owners. I'll post a photograph of the mural soon.

12923 Hansel - Termite and mold got a hold of Floyd's award-winning house but the new owners, an architect and his wife, are gradually restoring this home.

423 Isolde - After years as a rental property, this house was purchased by a couple that loves modern architecture and mid-century design. Chalk this house up as another success story!