Sunday, July 31, 2005

Updates on The Bend

The past few months have provided Memorial Bend with a great deal of publicity, from mentions in local newspapers to visits from national magazines. If you live in the neighborhood, check out this month's newsletter to find out where Memorial Bend has been mentioned.

Not mentioned in the newsletter was an interview that took place on Friday, July 29th on National Public Radio and KPFT Houston. Karen Lantz, president of well-known preservation group
Houston Mod was interviewed by Gertrude Barnstone, widow of architect Howard Barnstone. Karen focused primarily on the efforts of Houston Mod and the challenges the organization faces in Houston. When asked about specific areas with concentrations of great modern architecture, Karen went into detail on Memorial Bend and the Memorial Bend Architecture web page. Very exciting!

On a less-than-exciting note, two houses in the Bend will soon be demolished and replaced with McMansions. A "French tudor" house in the 4,000 - 5,000 sq. ft. range will be built on the east side of Memorial Bend. The other will replace a William N. Floyd-designed home on the 12900 block of Figaro... a well-maintainted and cohesive block on which 9 out of the 10 houses were designed by Floyd. The new house is believed to be similar in size to the one being built on the east side. Surely, both will "blend in" with the surrounding neighborhood... (!) While assurances are being made that the houses will be lived in by the current owners and builders, speculation is that both are indeed spec houses.

For those looking for a modern houses, I've heard rumors that a fantastic Floyd-designed home will soon be coming on the market. From what I've heard, the house will list somewhere are the $240,000 range and is a great modern house with some very cool original features. More to come...