Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Early Years of Memorial Bend

I receive at least an e-mail a month from someone who grew up in the Bend and has some interesting stories or memories to share of the neighborhood. Listed below is part of an e-mail from a Houstonian who grew up in Memorial Bend when the neighborhood was still being developed..

My friends and I were "horse crazy" and we used to ride our horses up and down Memorial Drive. . . Our pasture was on Memorial Drive (across the street from Gaywood). . . Dairy Ashford was a gravel road.

I used to meet my best friend (via bicycle) at what we called then the "bird pond" (Memorial Drive and West Belt). She lived west of West Belt on Memorial Drive. . . and that was 1/2 way for both of us.

My brother and I have many wonderful memories in the Memorial Bend area. I took life saving classes at the Memorial Bend pool and we were both on swim teams. . .

I was in the first graduating class from Memorial High School. My brother went to Bendwood. We both went to Spring Branch Junior High.

I can remember my mother going to the A&P on Long Point to buy groceries. . .

Yes, I remember the adults getting upset about something commercial going in on Katy Road at West Belt. . . The Texaco station. . .

My first charge account was at Interurban Pharmacy. . . Fudgesicles were 5 cents.

Should you have any stories to share, please feel free to share them and I'll be glad to post them anonymously.


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