Thursday, June 16, 2005

Atomic Ranch Magazine visits The Bend

Good news for Memorial Bend... this past May, Atomic Ranch Magazine visited Memorial Bend to photograph three houses for an upcoming issue. Three houses in Memorial Bend, all three designed by William Floyd, were photographed for a feature article on Houston. Two other houses, one in Ayrshire and the other in the East End, were also photographed.

If you're not familiar with the magazine, bills itself as "a quarterly devoted to 1940's - 1970's ranch houses and modernist tract homes. They're cooler than you think..."

The Sacramento News & Review sings the praises of Atomic Ranch, stating,

Atomic Ranch, a quarterly publication and accompanying Web site, is the perfect resource for the renovation, retro décor and relaxed lifestyle associated with the forward-thinking ranch homes of the late 1940s and 1950s. It reads like a middle-class Architectural Digest crossed with a retro-centric Sunset. Articles focus on homeowners’ stylish houses, along with features about mid-century accessories such as electronics, cars and fashion.

A Memorial Bend house appeared in Atomic Ranch's "Home Page" section in the summer of 2004...

If you have a house you'd like to submit to their "Home Page" section, visit the Atomic Ranch webpage. Also, be sure to subscribe so you can be one of the first ones on the block to see Memorial Bend in print.


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