Sunday, April 24, 2005

Modern Resources and a Housing Update

Mid-Century Resources

We're gradually working on our house to remove some "traditional" elements and add some nice modern touches. Listed below are some links to resources that we've come across.

House Numbers

We had been looking for some nice house numbers that would make a good addition to our 1959 house. One of the more popular types is the well-known but expensive "Neutra Face" house number. Richard Neutra used them on his own designs. They're great... but for a house like ours, the cost would've been $300!? Not so great.

We found an affordable alternative while wandering the aisles of Great Indoors. Atlas Housewares manufacturers the Avalon (also known as Metropolitan) house numbers that offer a mid-century look at a reasonable cost. Rather than $60.00 a number, the price is closer to $10.00 a number. You can see these numbers at 12906 Figaro and 331 Electra.

Visit their web page at Atlas Housewares

Retro Planters

Hip Haven, an Austin-based company, manufactures great bullet shaped planters in a multitude of colors. The planters, made of fiberglass, come in three heights and with multiple base options.

We should have on in place in the next week or so... Check out their web page at Hip Haven

Lamp Shades

We're still not sure where we could use these lampshades but we're committed to finding out some use for them. Check out Moonshine Lampshades - they're great hanging from the ceiling or on your grandmother's retro lamp base...

For more great options, visit Moon Shine Lampshades

Two New Houses for Sale

Two houses have just been listed by their owners on Electra - both are for sale by owner. One is a large 5 bedroom modern at 411 Electra...

You can find it listed at the web page as listing Number 4139

The other house is located two doors down at 419 Electra...

The good news about this house is that the formal rental property is being sold by the current owner. Rumor had it that the owner was planning to eventually raze the house. This is a William N. Floyd designed house.


A big thanks to those of you willing to share information with me about your Memorial Bend house or what you might be doing to restore a mid-century pad. If you'd like to share some of your work with the readers of this blog, please let me know and I'll be glad to post images, information, etc. Also, feel free to share any resources you have come across.