Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Houses for Sale in the Bend and Info. on Glenbrook Valley

Houses for Sale in the Bend

While Houston's real estate market has been on an upswing for years, right now is a slow time of year for those in the market for a house. Juding by the current listings at HAR.com, there are two modern houses for sale right now in Memorial Bend. They are as follows:

12827 Tosca - MLS #1711206
Though listed on HAR as a traditional, this 1956 definitely has a clean, modern look with a flat composition roof, clerestory windows over the living areas and a nicely incorporated carport. Architect unknown. The house is listed at $319,900.00

330 Electra - MLS #3829714
This was architect William Floyd's favorite design in the Bend, incorporating some interesting design features like three barrel vaults over the living/dining areas. Other interesting design touches include slat screens by the front entrance and the dining room (see below). The plans for this house were included in the 1960 Summer/Fall issue of New Homes Guide Magazine as well as an early 70s issue of Living Now Magazine. A few modern touches like the original sputnik lamp have been removed. Some sympathetic landscaping and a bit of help on the inside would make this a great mid-century home. The house is listed at $330,000.00

Glenbrook Valley

I think it's great when other neighborhoods decide to start appreciating the mid-century architecture that so many people unfortunately take for granted. One such neighborhood is Glenbrook Valley, a 1950s neighborhood that hosted the 1956 Parade of Homes.

Robert Searcy, a local real estate agent and Mid-Century Modern enthusiast is building a web page dedicated to the great houses in Glenbrook Valley. Be sure to visit the page or, better yet, take a spin down to the Hobby Airport area to check out some cool architecture. Some houses you'll see include:


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