Thursday, July 08, 2004

Mid-Century Tulsa neighborhood launches page - Possible Teardown on Electra?

It looks like Lortondale, a Tulsa, Oklahoma neighborhood similar to Memorial Bend, recently launched a web page to start cataloging its modern houses. The web page takes a rather light-hearted approach and features a few houses as well as articles from the neighborhood's history. Like Memorial Bend, the neighborhood received quite a bit publicity and was published in magazines like House & Home. Architect Donald Hoon was the main designer of houses in the neighborhood.

Possible Teardown?

Rumor has it that the house at 410 Electra, which had been on the market for a few months, has been purchased by a builder for roughly $280,000 and is slated to be torn down for a McMansion. This traditional style house is nearly 2,700 sq. ft. in size, one of the largest one-story houses in Memorial Bend and sits on a standard size lot. I have not been able to verify whether the teardown rumor is true. There's no telling if we'll soon end up with a McMansion that towers over its neighbors and is "designed" (most builder spec homes are not designed by architects) with little consideration on its effect on the neighborhood's character.


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